SmartFM Study Dictionary Feature Requests

  1. For study purposes it would be nice to be able to hide the first language details in item view - perhaps have a preference that determines whether they are displayed.  During study it is desirable to hide first language since the learner's eyes will be drawn to these preventing them from having a chance of processing second language material without already having read the translation.
  2. Ultimately I would like a study component that took a group of items and allowed the user to study, but based on filling in blanks on sentences that have been grabbed via search, so hopefully the user gets to test their knowledge on sentences they have not seen or created themselves.
  3. Caching data could give a performance boost.  In the ideal case we would use the SQLite DB and anything that comes over the wire would be dumped in there, and expired as necessary.  This should then support a much zippier app.  Intermediate approaches might include caching XML based on queries, and caching media (audio, images) in flat files.
  4. Could be useful to have a goal information page at some point
  5. Audio uploads - working I think ....
  6. There is a good unit test framework I am not using at present (is there?).  Have unit tests hitting the smartFM API at the moment, but could use them in the app as well ...
  7. Catching network errors gracefully - not sure if the Host Not Found exception is still popping up.  Am trying to prettify error responses as I know what they are ...
  8. Add sound should be accessed by clicking on grayed out audio icons - DONE
  9. Sentence images not showing - FIXED
  10. Could show other sentences through search - useful when zero on item, although perhaps we should prefer to encourage user entry
  11. Need to review all progress dialog cancel buttons.  Make sure they are present and working if needed. Question about whether they should be present in all cases ...With appropriate settings, back button will allow cancel (Home button will still work?) so maybe we don't want to encourage user to cancel network POST operations.  GET operations on the other hand ...
  12. Android Text to Speech to fill in where audio is missing
  13. remove login screens from activity stack
  14. indicate which user is logged in with "Logout Bert"
  15. Home button on all menus to help user navigate back to start search screen from anywhere
  16. Main landscape layout could use some work - could try to copy Google Dictionary layout
  17. Having trouble using existing search suggestions to handle this:  Could implement my own search suggestion stack but seems obtuse given the functionality is there, just can't access list of recent search strings ...
  18. Pop up suggestion to create example when none present - DONE
  19. Could create video of usage - good to show people and also possibly PR for ADC - DID, but audio quality was terrible ...
  20. Main app icon is hacky - FIXED
  21. Icons that user clicks to upload media need something, like a plus sign, to indicate functionality to user ... - DONE
  22. some language pairs have too few items - can we query both at once in order to maximize results? - FIXED this by different view on the problem, i.e. ensure that translation language is native language of user, or what they specify
  23. Move list/goals further down page - DONE
  24. Clear hints after focus rather than one char entry in create example form
  25. Error adding French content; Dom said he got item pair incompatible; have replicated this getting incompatible-languages-on-item-and-list trying to add Fr-En pair to my default list - clearly we have to switch to buckets to allow collecting items from multiple languages ... FIXED?
  26. Removing geeky info from http responses - ONGOING
  27. Cancelling prompt to add item on failed search shouldl take user back to search screen
  28. nicer interface for recording audio
  29. have cerate item screen in background already for dialog prompting item creation
  30. need scroll view on create item create example screens
  31. failures during audio download
  32. keep menu the same
  33. default meta-data for sounds
  34. after failed search query should stay in search box
  35. user should have chance to re-record audio
  36. need flag as inappropriate, flag as incorrect options
  37. switch language choice autocompletes to spinners - DONE
  38. storing study list id as preference and allow user to change it
  39. run away list creation
  40. suggesting example add could get real irritating
  41. have activity before login be completed after login
  42. develop new search history to support language meta-data drop pop up search form
  43. adjust user agent to support better tracking of activity